Who Said Girls Can Not Play Football?

Who said girls can not play 무료스포츠중계 I am a girl and I love football. I also call kicking a round ball ‘football’. The phrase ‘football’ is used to associate in kicking anything. I like to say ‘in playing football with a paper ball’ or ‘I am just playing football with a bottle’.

The word football is commonly used in kicking something around. I have seen people play football with anything like bottles or cans. They usually just state that it is a kick about. But from this it is a sport which can relax your mind and divert your attention to something more competitive and fun. When I am walking down the street and I spot a stone. I sometimes kick it until I lose it. This is a skill of handling direction. Anyone can play football; it is not only a boy’s game.

It is stereotyped to be a boy’s game, but the larger the sport is going, all genders are getting involved. I play with a bunch of lads. It is a bit tougher but exciting. Who said girls do not understand the off side rule. I do. So do not think football is just a boy’s game. It’s a girl’s game too. It is a extremely healthy sport so get your girls involved in football courses. Children’s football organizations would allow any gender to play together properly to a certain age.

While they are young, probably up to the age of 6, they could play together. After the age of 6, lads tend to get excited and play a bit rough, however it is still a safe and clean match when in supervision of a coach through football courses.

Getting your girls involved in kids football can enhance them to develop skills that they use whilst growing up. Believe it or not, girls have professional football teams too. For example England has a girl’s football team. From the sports England’s active survey in 2008, they state that 260,000 women and 1.1 million girls play some form of football in England.

There are also 26 million girls that play across the world. Achieving the professional level, 20,000 females have successfully accomplished a position in the FA coaching qualification. Women’s football has a highly recognized name in player’s pathway and a strong center of excellence. Getting your young girls involved in kids football will not turn them into boys, it will build their self confidence and improve and develop new and existing skills.

Many girls love to play football. Allowing your girls to join football courses and getting involved in kids football will allow them to experiment in a exciting but mentally and physically stimulating sport. Girls tend to love footballers; I use to fancy Michael Owen. I see great players like Michael Owen as a role model. I want to play like then even though I have a soft spot for him.

Playing children’s football is not always a dangerous match. Accidents do happen but the skills needed, like these great players, consist of a lot of mental and physical strength. Children’s football is one of the most renowned games, especially for the younger generation. So, girls lets show these boys what we are made out of.

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