What Are the Most Expensive Chocolates in the World?

If you are looking for the most expensive POLKADOT SHROOM BARS in the world, there isn’t just one. You will find a list of chocolates that are considered expensive all around the world but then you might have your local manufacturers making a delight that serves your country the best and this could be a reason for this manufacturer to make the most expensive chocolates. At the same time, at the time of religious occasions and world festivals, there are special chocolates created by artists or famous chocolate manufacturers around the world which are then considered the most expensive at that time.

We can also say that the most expensive chocolate is the one you bought from a new shop in your area just to try and found out that it was a waste of money. Imagine having a few friends with you while giving this chocolate a try. Anyways, based on the information gathered from around the world, here are few names that are commonly considered the most expensive chocolates by many people and experts.

The first one to take the top spot on the list is Le Chocolate Box. Le Chocolate Box is a combination of two of the most precious things in the world that make the women fall in love with you if you present even one of these things to them. Yes, we are talking about a combination of chocolate and jewelry. Le Chocolate Box has been designed by well known jewelers with chocolates arranged in a beautiful order and embellished with expensive jewelry items including the earrings, necklaces and other items. This will surely win the heart of your true love but you are sure that you want to spend 1.5 million dollars on it right?

Swarovski-studded chocolates are ranking just below the Le Chocolate Box. These chocolates are a true definition of luxury, lavishness and opulence. A Lebanese chocolatier named Patchi is behind the art that has been put into decorating these delicious chocolates. The presentation is beautiful with gold lining while the chocolates have been presented on suede leather. With 49 chocolate pieces enclosed in each box, you have to pay 10 thousand dollars for this box. It sounds a bit expensive but not expensive when it’s worth winning a heart.

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