Vedic Astrology Part 26

The Effects of the 12th lord in different houses The Twelfth House refers to Loss,Vedic Astrology Part 26 Articles incarceration, expenditure & Final Emancipation. Hidden enemies are also indicated by the 12th. If malefics tenant the 12th house, unnecessary expenditure, ill health and sorrow are indicated. If the 12th house is tenanted by benefics, expenditure will be under control and there wont be any architects in Maine. The Effects of the 12th lord in the First House Since the 12th lord is in the ascendant the native will be of a handso-me mein.He/she may be feeble minded and may have a weak constitutionThey may not follow the principles of economic prudence. Breathingproblems may be experienced. They frequently complain of minorproblems of health as this leads to irritation. They will sufferfrom imaginary ills and unnecessary fear of death. Health problemsmanifest as 12th lord is not desirable in 1st.

They are advisedto follow thrift and economy. To be free from imaginary problemsthey are advised to meditate and pray. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Second House Since the 12th lord is in the 2nd, the native will be subject to direfinancial problems. Irregular food habits take their toll. Lackof harmony at home will be experienced & their eyesight will generally be poor. They will ultimately find mental peace in matters spiritual. They are tactful persons and their presentation of unpleasant topics willbe greatly appreciated. As the 2nd is 3rd from the 12th, their expenditure will rise considerably. They will helped by their you-nger coborns. They will aim for goals spiritual and they will haveto take to the dolorous divine way. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Third House Since the 12th lord is in the 3rd, the native will be shy and diffidentThey may lose one of the brothers. They dont care for their perso-nal sartorial getup and may appear shabby in front of people. Muchof their money will be spent on younger coborns.They are basicallyintroverts and do not care to create friends and influence people. Since the 3rd is the 4th from the 12th, they will have thecomfort and bliss of spiritual freedom. They will have spiritualguidance.

Their younger coborns may turn hostile against them. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Fourth House Since the 12th lord is in the 4th, the native will be mentally restlessand unnecessary worries are created by their minds. Relatives turnhostile and they may have to live in a far away place. The landlordmay torment them most of the time. The maintenance expenditure rises regarding vehicles & equipment. Loss may have to be countenanced regarding vehicles. Loss of comforts indicated. As the 4th is 5thto the 12th, spiritual progress can be expected The Effects of the 12th lord in the Fifth House Since the 12th lord is in the 5th, delays or difficulties due toprogeny or unhappiness from children can be expected. The native becomes spiritual minded & spends money on pilgrimages or religious donations to find peace of mind. They may suffer from mental break-downs. In the name of Religion someone may extract money from them in their moments of weakness. As the 5th is 6th to the 12th, they will have to struggle hard for spiritual progress. Many obstaclesand hindrances appear on the path to salvation. They are advisedto turn to Bhakthi Yoga & Jnana Yoga for final emancipation. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Sixth House The 12th lord in the 6th is a Vipareetha Raja Yoga which giveswealth, fame and all sorts of comforts.

As the 6th happens to bethe 7th from the 12th and is an angle from it, the native will be luckywith respect to 12th house significations which are expenditure,incarceration and Final Emancipation. Regarding finalemancipation, if they work hard in the spiritual sphere successcan be theirs .Their enemies will be vanquished. Some unwise spend-ing indicated. They are advised to control their anger. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Seventh House Since the 12th lord is in the 7th, a socially inferior person whencompared to the native may become their partner.It will be highly difficultto continue the relationship unless major efforts are made. Lateron they may embrace asceticism as separation can happen at anytime. Their mind will be afflicted and even their learning. Thisis due to the fact that 7th is 8th from the 12th and damage iscaused not only to the 7th house significations but also tothe 12th house significations .

Expenditure rises spirallyand they feel that they are bound to terra firma. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Eighth House Since the 12th lord is in the 8th, the native will be be above want &famous in their circle. They will spend a lot for a life full ofluxury and they will have many subordinates. Legacy from a promi-nent person cannot be ruled out. They are interested in psychicsciences. They will be versatile with good qualities of head andheart. They will be renowned for their righteousness and will berecognised as persons with the gift of the gab. Since the 8this 9th to the 12th, they will be lucky with regard to the 12th housesignifications. Reduced expenditure and spiritual progress. The Effects of the 12th lord in the Ninth House Since the 12th lord is in the 9th the native will find it difficult tomaintain good relationship even with his/her own people. It is quitelikely that they will live abroad and prosper there. They may notspend much on spiritual matters even though they are noble hearted,honest & generous to the core.

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