Two Ways to Add a Twist to Your Online Product Reviews

If you are writing بهترین کارواش خانگی ارزان descriptions for your own products or for your affiliate program offers, then you will want to read this article carefully. It is not a coincidence that the survey showed 50% of the US online shoppers read at least one product review as a part of their product research prior to buying. In this article you will learn about turning the “product review” (biased) into a “product endorsement” (unbiased), and about choosing to frame the product review around the needs or around the product itself.

Turning a product review into a product endorsement

This is very simple. Many today’s buyers are tired of seeing all positive reviews when it comes to buying something they need for themselves. Of course they become skeptical. You will gain an advantage over other product reviewers by adding personal experiences with the product, even the less-than-pleasant-ones. By doing so you will turn a “product review” into a “product endorsement”. Since you are basing your writing on personal experience, and even including the negative experiences, your description gains weight in the eyes of the reader. They may even put themselves in the position of defending the product, or minimizing its faults as they might or might not apply to their situation. You have just won a product fan that way. Simply by being real and telling it like it is. I will present a Security Digital Video Recorder example of the endorsement-type review below.

Choosing between framing the product review around the reader’s needs or around the product

If you have been accustomed to writing a detailed factual description of the product to start, following it with an emotional testimonial, and call to action, you can change that now. You always have another option. That is, to frame your product review around the needs of the reader. Try guessing how and why they found your page. See if you can put yourself in their shoes. Expound on their current situation. Go overboard if you want to, you have the readers attention! Once you hit the emotional points of the present need, a detailed description of your product may not be necessary. You have just reminded the reader of the real problem, and if solution is just a few clicks away, why wait?

There you have it. Two ways you can add a twist to your online product reviews. Turn them into endorsements, and turn them into the reader’s needs reviews for a change. So now that you know what to do, implement this in your next product description. Add some negative experience and add credibility like that. Then dwell on the possible problems that your reader might have, and identify yourself with them in such a position. With higher credibility and understanding of the position the reader is in, your success rate in selling your solution will increase.

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