SMS Services for BPOs – Concept Paper by ValueFirst Messaging

Security is the biggest concern for the leading BPO’s with global operations. marketing sms BPOs in India need step up the initiatives to provide highest levels of security for its employees and infrastructure. Security includes three important dimensions — people, technology and processes. People security took centrestage for BPO’s after the murder of Bangalore BPO employee in December 2005.

There are various measures being taken to meet the aforementioned challenges. Some of the challenges are addressed by adopting to the new media and new age technology-related services such as SMS services that connect computer systems with mobile phones.SMS technology is fast being adopted by BPOs to provide real time information to the employees.

1. Logistics Information: Knowing the cab timing accurately is highly desired by the employees. In addition, there are last minute changes in schedule of cabs. At times the designated cab is not available and alternate arrangement is done. Change in route and time too in not infrequent. 

Current Process: Administration calls up each employee to inform change in timings, cab numbers and route. This takes lot of time and all employees are not reachable instantly. This information pertains to logistics, HR processes, and IT infrastructure management.  

SMS Solution: BPOs maintain a database of cabs going on different routes. ValueFirst application VelocityPlus pushes the information on any change in cab timings, cab numbers to the members of the cab as SMS in an automated way. 

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