If You Really Need to Sell Your House Follow These 2 Simple Rules

In today’s housing market times can be tough especially if you really need to sell your house. But there is good news for every one that is saying “I need to Sell my home fast“. The good news is that even in bad economies houses are still being sold every day. Now this is good news for the people that know how to take advantage of this market. Unfortunately most people that try and sell their house on their own don’t know how to do this. And the real sad thing is that they don’t just not do the things they should but in many instances they do the exact opposite. Luckily your hear now and you can learn how not to follow everyone else by sticking to these 2 simple rules.

The first rule is that your house will not sell itself. That is an irrefutable law and if you try and break it you will get burnt. So the first rule is that you need to treat this like a part time job. Better yet think of it as a part time business that you run. This will allow you to take ownership of this deal and get a nice return for your effort.

Now that we have that rule out of the way lets talk about the more important rule. The second rule is kind of confusing but very simple. The basis of the rule is be thorough and keep it simple. By “be thorough” I mean do your research. Even if your not going to use a real estate agent consult with one anyway. Act like your considering using them, but do it in an honest way. Let them know that you are considering selling your house by yourself but want to see what an agent can bring to the table. Next you need to research your local market, comparable houses and pricing.

The second phase of this rule has to do with your house condition and keeping it simple. First rule of this is that clutter is not simple. Get a self storage if you have to. Make your house look like a model house in a new development on the inside. Also don’t neglect your landscaping. Once again keep it simple and clean. This is your curb appeal and can make or break you getting an offer. If you really want to sell your house you will not let a little yard work hold you back.

So there you go. It really is that simple. If you need to sell your house all you need to do is put in the effort and good things will happen. And if you think it can’t be this simple then do the opposite and see what happens. But rest assured the persistent will make a nice return. And just as a little bonus for you the last piece of the puzzle is marketing your property. Get the word out every way possible and don’t stop until it’s sold.

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