Herbalife Scam – Does a Herbalife Scam Really Exist?

Beware the Herbalife Recover stolen crypto! That is a phrase that many an aspiring entrepreneur will hear from a well meaning but ignorant relative or friend when starting up a home based business for the first time. The Herbalife scam is not a new phenomenon! The fact is that a ‘scam’ of any kind has been around longer than Herbalife has even been around!

How can that be? Well it is like this… Scams only exist in the minds of those who have not researched, investigated, probed and done due diligence or their homework on the subject that that they are interested in. It is true that there ARE scams that exist, but they are only scams AFTER you have been caught by them.

“It sounds too good to be true, then it probably is,” is not a scientific analysis and so your opinion should not be based on this conclusion. As Tim Sales once remarked… “If it is too good to be true then is that any reason to stop looking?” The answer is ‘of course not!’

The phrase the Herbalife Scam is not just reserved for Herbalife… it is used to describe ANY product or service that you may be interested in where a relative or friend or salesman has a vested reason to provide you with that opinion.

You see, anything is a scam if I were to just come out and tell you that it is. And it does not take a rocket scientist to tell you those words either… “it’s a scam!” Any person can say that but it takes a real insider, a real go-to man, too know the real truth about whether something is a scam or not.

In fact, scams have been around since man first decided he would trade his 1 camel for his neighbours 3 goats and the man who got the camel felt that he lost out in the exchange.

Again… if you do your homework before joining or buying anything, whether it is a new home, a new car, a digital product or a calculator, you will not have that feeling that you have been taken and so you will not have been scammed.

Sure, the Herbalife Scam DOES exist! It exists in the minds of those who believed that they could get something for nothing. It exists in the minds of those who would rather spend time complaining about where they are in life then actually doing something about it. Spend 5 minutes complaining and you just wasted 5 minutes!

If a Herbalife Scam really existed then how come Herbalife has 29 years of business success, is in 70 countries, has 100 million documented testimonials, Nobel Prize winning scientists, more millionaires than any other company or organisation on earth, is the official sponsor of David Beckham and the L.A Galaxy, is Listed on The New York Stock Exchange, has nearly DOUBLED its turnover from US$2Billion in 2004 to US$3.8 in 2008 and is the “Number 1 Weight Loss Company In The World”??

I could go on and on but the point is that for anyone interested in ANY home based business opportunity then they must do their due diligence and homework before joining ANY company and ANY team.

In the end there is no Herbalife Scam, only those who did not do their research and no matter what work from home business that you do join, your success will ALWAYS come down to 3 fundamental principles that will never change.

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