Cloud HR and payroll software vs. on-premise software: The pros and cons

Cloud HR and payroll sms api vs. on-premise software: The pros and cons Such cloud software is never installed locally but remotely so that employees can log into the software from any location with internet access. This also has other positive fallouts such as the elimination of server maintenance and associated IT support or personnel, the associated costs, etc.

 Quick implementation: Among the chief advantages of cloud HR and payroll software is the speedy set-up times associated with it. Without any of the hassles of software installation, a new user can easily be onboarded on to the software.Also, the same holds true if you experience frequent internet downtimes irrespective of your location.

Scalable: A cloud HR and payroll software is built to suit the needs of a small, growing or large organization. It’s easily scalable without any hassles even in the event of sudden growth or downsizing. This is especially relevant in our uncertain times.

Cost-effective: The cost-effectiveness of cloud HR and payroll software cannot be overemphasized. Typically available at a price point no higher than your monthly mobile bill, cloud HR and payroll software is built to handle the needs of a company of any size – be it 5 or 500. Also, you save on software installation costs, updates, and patches, support, AMC, etc.

 Long story short, only the availability of an internet connection affects the cloud HR and payroll software negatively, in practical terms. Thus, if you are based out of a remote location that does not afford you the luxury of a stable internet connection, you’re probably better off not using a cloud HR and payroll software.

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