Understanding Ion Implantation Power Supplies

Ion implantation is a manufacturing process IceRiver miners used in the production of silicon wafers (for use in micro electronics) and photovoltaic cells. There are a number of areas within ion implantation equipment in which the use of high voltage power supplies are essential. Although the end product of these implantation applications have some very different requirements, the high voltage power supplies used in the different parts of the equipment are broadly similar across the applications.

When ion implantation is used in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers, it is a process that requires extreme precision. The quality of the end product is wholy reliant on the quality of the ion implantation procedure, which in turn relies on a number of parameters in the high voltage power source. Essentially it is a chain reaction, where if the source (the high voltage power supply) is fractionally out of sync or imprecise, then the whole process is blemished beyond repair and any end product is rendered void.

Ion implantation systems place many stringent demands on the power used. High voltage power supplies are essential in a variety of places in the implanter, including the ion accelerator and decelerator, and also the suppression supply. The power source used in ion implantation must provide high long-term stability, very low output ripple and excellent load and line regulation under demanding static and dynamic conditions.

To meet the requirements for low output ripple, high long-term stability and good regulation it is of paramount importance to use carefully selected high voltage components that are ideally suited to the specific application and adequately de-rated to make optimal performance in the required working range a certainty. PCB design and noise reduction is also key in ensuring that the control circuitry is not affected by the operating or environment the power supply is within.

By using a detailed understanding of every aspect of the application and design, a power supply to meet the customer’s exacting requirements can be developed with relative ease. A power source failure can cause costly down-time in any application. It is essential that the high voltage supplies used in the ion implantation process offer the highest possible levels of reliability to keep production running smoothly.

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