Should you get your Tummy Tuck in Thailand? – 5 important questions answered.

There are many considerations in undergoing a tummy link slot gacor thailand tuck including the fact that the procedure requires three to four days in hospital and the stitches aren’t removed for another two weeks, so should you get your Tummy Tuck in Thailand? Let’s briefly consider in this article some deeper issues, but first cover the basics. Here are five important questions and answers. Q1: Are the medical facilities in Thailand up to Western international standards? A1:

Thailand has some of the top medical facilities in Asia. Medical tourism in Asia was pioneered in Thailand with Western medical tourists seeking gender specific procedures that were not then available at home. This has developed into a highly respected national industry that receives more than one million medical tourists every year. Many of the hospitals have international accreditations and are stocked with the very latest medical equipment. Q2: Are the Doctors in Thailand qualified to ensure a good medical and cosmetic outcome? A2:

Most Doctors in Thailand have undergone part of their training internationally with the United Kingdom, The United States and Japan topping the list countries where they trained. They will have performed tummy tucks and many other procedures under the instruction of top Western teaching Doctors. They all speak good English and usually understand the “western mindset”. Q3: What is the quality of care by the hospital nurses and administrative staff? A3:

The Doctor performing the tummy tuck procedure in Thailand is only part of the overall experience. What lessens the medical ordeal is the attitude and care provided by the nurses and administrative staff. Thailand is internationally known as “The land of smiles” for a very good reason. The natural disposition of the Thai people is to be caring, charming and helpful. This part of your experience will stay with you always. Q4: Should I come alone or bring someone with me? A4:

This is the first of the deeper questions that require careful consideration. A tummy tuck is not just a minor surgery. You are going to have a scar across your belly that immediately after surgery, when at its most bold state can be quite emotionally stirring. Unless you have a strong individual character that can cope with stress and anxiety then a partner, family member or friend could be someone who could change your whole perspective of your experience when looking back. Q5: After surgery during the two week recuperation period, is it safe for me to stay at a hotel or resort? A5:

Thailand is generally considered a safe tourist destination. Serious crimes against foreigners are much rarer than many other Asian locations. There is a generally understood mindset amongst most Thai’s that their economy is in many ways based upon tourism, so they take care of the “golden goose”. That is not to say that you should not be aware of scam artists and pick pockets. When traveling anywhere overseas one must go with extra caution. Staying at resorts and more established

hotels offer an additional level of safety, peace and tranquility with lots of well secured grounds within which you can relax and feel secure. So let’s summarize. Should you get your tummy tuck in Thailand? Why not? You can get the very best of care and at the same time save up to 50% to 70% off many western country prices for the same procedure. Your savings can help you recuperate in exotic, comfortable surrounding that you can share with a partner, friend or family member which can make the entire procedure much more memorable as a pleasant experience.

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