Everything You Need To Know About Fake Tan

Pale skin is supposed to be coming back in, but some people don’t find pale so interesting.oldironsides fake id But as sunshine never seems to visit us in this country, and with the risks of sun exposure, many people will still agree that a golden tan looks fabulous. It evens out the facial complexion, makes limbs appear longer and leaner, and sets off fantastic summer colours such as fuschia and turquoise. A white dress always looks stunning when worn with a tan, and a black dress can look equally amazing against golden skin.

So what is the solution? Crack open a bottle of fake tan!

Fake tan has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days of smelling of old meat, with orange elbows and knees! Fake tans are more sophisticated, smell nice, and look a lot more natural. The only thing that can go wrong now is human error. Here are some tips on how to get the most natural looking tan.

– Use the right tone – if you are naturally slightly dark, use a medium/dark and if you are naturally pale, use a light/medium- Keep fake tan in the fridge, as it is full of botanicals it can go off fairly quickly=- Don’t shave within 36 hours of application as this can cause spots.- Always use gloves to apply your fake tan.

– Always moisturize before and after applying fake tan. – Prepare a few days before by exfoliating your skin.- Use a pumas stone on your ankles, elbows and knees to remove dry skin. These are the areas that got patchy the most.=- Only use a very little fake tan. A little goes a long way. Too much will create streaks.

– Applying 2 thin coats will give a much better tan than 1 thick coat. Never apply too much.- Start from the feet upwards. The legs are easier than the upper body and get you into the swing.- Using a sun bed after your fake tan has developed will produce a darker result.- Don’t swim in a swimming pool when fake tanned as chlorine bleaches the skin. The sea is better.

– Use a moisturizing product daily, that contains a little fake tan. This will help your tan last longer.- For streaks, anything with a mild acid in it such as lemon juice, should remove them.- Apply Vasoline over eyebrows and around the hairline.- Dilute fake tan with moisturizer to perfect the tricky hands, knees and elbows technique.

– If using a spray, wait 30 seconds after applying or it feels dry to touch, then rub in a small amount of moisturizer to blend.- If you are a fake tan virgin, or just want a light glow, blend your fake tan with moisturizer half and half, mix in the palm of your hand, then apply. This will give you a much lighter shade.- The fastest way to remove fake tan is waxing as this removes layers of dead skin cells.

– Fake tan takes a few hours to develop so always leave for at least 4 hours before applying another coat.- Never rush. Speed and streaks go hand in hand.- Stay indoors while the tan develops as natural sunlight can streak fake tan before it has developed.- Avoid after sun products as these counteract sun damage and are too greasy for use with fake tan.

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